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A Massachusetts OUI conviction, commonly known as a DUI, can have long-lasting effects on your life and your ability to provide for your family.

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Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges in Massachusetts? When your future is at stake it’s vital to contact a local lawyer that knows criminal defense.

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Reinstate License

Drivers facing an OUI in Massachusetts and those who have lost their right to need to apply to the RMV for a license reinstatement.

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Speeding Tickets

Getting pulled over for speeding is a hassle. Yet it doesn’t just end there. Receiving a speeding ticket can have long-lasting consequences.

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Massachusetts OUI Breathalyzer Defense

Did you take a breath test in the time frame of 2011 and up until the machine was annually certified using the new protocol? Your test could be in question. Don’t call the past lawyer who plead you out. Call Attorney Gregory Oberhauser to investigate! He is a local breathalyzer expert who was involved in the challenged of the Draeger Alcotest 9510.

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Massachusetts OUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer Greg Oberhauser

MA’s Only Certified ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist!

Attorney Gregory Oberhauser

Attorney Oberhauser is a graduate of the Massachusetts School of Law and a member of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA), the Boston Bar Association, the Massachusetts Bar Association, the National Association of Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and is a member and past president of the Greater Lowell Bar Association.As an OUI defense lawyer, he is certified in field sobriety testing, breathalyzer testing, and is one of the few lawyers in Massachusetts who has completed all the available courses to be a drug recognition expert (DRE).
Gregory Oberhauser is 1 of only 24 defense attorneys in the nation to be distinguished as an ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist by the American Chemical Society and the ONLY attorney in Massachusetts!
He represents clients charged with drunk driving or other criminal offenses throughout Massachusetts including Middlesex County, Essex County, Suffolk County, and Worcester County.

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Our Clients Have Spoken: Rating Us For Excellent Service

Thank you so much for all your hard work!

If your looking for an Attorney who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and diligent then Attorney Oberhauser is the man you NEED to hire. Attorney Oberhauser was a glimpse of hope when my options seemed limited and when the possibility of a satisfactory resolution seemed slim to none. He demonstrated professionalism in and out of the court room. He paid personal attention to all of the details regarding my DUI case. Not only did he defend me from an unjust accusation, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered the support I needed during my trial. In the end, I can say that I am grateful for his efforts in getting my DUI case dismissed and would recommend Attorney Oberhauser without reservation for anyone who feels like they have been unjustly accused. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Ashley Sullivan

When it comes to Attorney’s Greg is top notch

I had an OUI arrest and I knew I would fight it from the beginning. I hired Greg Oberhauser and he made me feel at ease. I had to spend very little time doing anything, the only thing I had to do was show up to court 3 times. The day of trial we not only got a not guilty plea but we also won a motion for my 6 month suspension in MA for refusing the breathalyzer reinstated that day! This was the best possible result we could have gotten and it was all achieved in 3 months time!! When it comes to Attorney's Greg is top notch and I would recommend his services to anyone. Results are what matter and we got them! Thank you Greg, you saved my family a lot of heartache and headache.

Charlie Roberts

Not Guilty

Omg ... thought my life was crashing in on me when I was charged for DWI good by job goodbye license ect .... I call Greg and I didn’t know him but he made me feel at ease some by talking to me.... He is a man of few words but makes up for it in court action .... he went after all their credentials to make sure they had all i’s dotted ...... NOT... Guilty ... was the finial .... thank you so much Greg

William Stanford

Greg is such a great lawyer

Greg is such a great lawyer. Very professional and has immeasurable integrity which is priceless. In difficult legal matters when you have to place your livelihood in someone's hands, Greg is the one I would trust without hesitation. He gets the best results possible in his cases and he treats his cases individually rather than as a docket number!

Bree Stevens

Very Happy With My Outcome

Greg is a very busy lawyer, and I can see why. His results speak for themselves. It took a couple of appearances in court (I was being charged with fleeing the scene of an accident. I hit a police cruiser). In the end, the case was dismissed seeing that the damages were paid for by my insurance. I am so happy with the results! I am a college student and teacher and this charge would have negatively impacted my future, but thanks to Greg and all of his hard work, I don't have to worry!


Attorney Oberhauser is great! Highly recommended.

It was my first lawsuit in my life, the unjust lawsuit. Attorney Oberhauser had helped me to the end. He has amazing, excellent experience to resolve the legal issues throughout the case. It was the first time in my life that I ever stepped foot in court. Mr. Oberhauser went through great details explaining the court process. I highly recommend in terms his high level of expertise in legal services. I can't be more happy than the case that ended with satisfaction.


Top Notch OUI Defense

After interviewing many attorneys while working with a budget I found Greg who was willing to work with me. In addition to his fair payment plan he offered a wealth of knowledge in the area of OUI. My case dragged on for over two years and Greg fought tirelessly to file motions to work in my favor. Regardless of what was agreed upon initially he put every effort forth to find a judgement in my favor even though the case dragged on longer than could have been anticipated. My case ended up in front of a jury for trial and it was quite clear from opening statement how the jury would find. I was found not guilty of OUI after the lengthy process.

If you are looking for an attorney who truly wants to work for you then Greg is the defense attorney for you.

Highly recommend the services of Attorney Oberhauser

Highly, highly, highly recommend the services of Attorney Oberhauser if you are in need of legal counsel. Could not be more happy with the services I received from start to finish. He laid out all my options and possible outcomes at the beginning and guided me through everything else on the road to victory. His certifications and accolades listed on the website are what first caught my eye. After seeing him in action, I can say he’s better than I could have ever imagined. Schooled the court. Thank you again for everything Mr. Oberhauser.

Justin Quish

Very professional and genuine person

Gregory Oberhauser is a very professional and genuine person. He makes sure he has all of the details in line and makes sure the defendant is well aware of all the possibilities he can try. He fights hard for the defendant and I am very VERY happy with not only the outcome of my situation, but also the professionalism and involvement he had with me leading up to trial. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Cody Grant

Words Cannot Express Our Relief

This has been awful. Jeff expressed that he now feels that he has a future. I pray he continues that feeling and continues to move forward…and upward.

We are grateful and thank you again.


Greg’s knowledge in this area was key into me getting my life back!!

My name is Ronald Bedard. I want to recommend Greg Oberhauser Law to anyone out there who is struggling to get their driver’s license back. I had an an extremely difficult, complicated case and I reached out to Gregg, he met with me and developed a plan to appeal the RMV’s decision to suspend and revoke my license for many years,,, we met with the board of appeals in Marlborough and Greg presented a very solid case as to why I needed and deserved to be able to drive again. The board continued the hearing as they requested more information. Greg worked with me and got me in front off the board again a couple months later and the board agreed to reinstate my driver’s license!!! This was not an easy project but Greg’s knowledge in this area was key into me getting my life back!!! He was very professional and responsive throughout this difficult process. He also has a great assistant, Cheryl,, she kept me informed as well during the entire process, Give Greg and Cheryl a call if you have any issues with your license being held hostage by the RMV , if there’s anyone who can help it’s Oberhauser Law!!!! Thank you Greg and Cheryl!!!!


Ronald Bedard

I Recommend Greg to Anybody and Everybody!

Long story short he fought for me over a 2 year period in my OUI case. They surely wanted to lock me up but Greg kept me out of jail and got my case broken down to an acceptable agreement. Greg is a man of few words, but his experience and expertise is unmatched.

Joseph Ahern

Definitely Recommend!

Excellent job in and out with the results I wanted thank you very much.

JR Delacruz

Excellent Representation

I wanted to thank you for your excellent representation.  I appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf.


I Am Beyond Grateful to Mr. Oberhauser

The fact that I am writing this on my laptop at home and not sitting in prison says it all. I have every reason to believe that had Greg Oberhauser not been my attorney, I would have a felony conviction and a mandatory sentence of at least five months. (Indeed, the prosecutor wanted me to serve much more than that, with house arrest to follow.) I was arrested for a third DUI after a serious car accident. This is a very serious offense that would have had implications for my ability to work, and would have, if I had been convicted of a felony, endangered my pension. Continue Reading...

Mary M.

Excellent DUI Attorney

My wife and I were very much impressed with the services provided by Attorney Gregory D. Oberhauser, and his helpful assistant Cheryl, in relation to my DUI case.   His knowledge, expertise and professionalism guided me during a very difficult time in our lives, and his compassion throughout the process was very much appreciated me and my wife.

Anyone in need of an excellent DUI Attorney should feel secure in seeking Attorney Oberhauser as their counsel.


Michael H.

Client Review

Thank you very much. My appreciation and respect for what you did for me has grown over the past year….You were a solid refuge in the storm…very competent and full of care. I could not have asked for anything more. – Karen, Ayer, Massachusetts

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Case Results

Charge OUI/DWI (drugs): We hired a medical expert who testified that because of prior head injuries, our client could not perform well on the field sobriety tests. Those injuries were ignored as they related to the officer’s opinion of impairment. Our client was found Not Guilty.

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    OUI and criminal defense in lowell, ma
    If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts, you are probably confused and have little idea how to handle the situation. You may be wondering what happens next and what the consequences and penalties may be. A criminal record may jeopardize your job, the security of your family, and even your freedom.

    Whether you have been arrested for a DUI or other criminal charges, or are facing a serious speeding violation, you’d be wise to hire an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer.

    Massachusetts criminal attorney Gregory Oberhauser is committed to providing you with the best legal representation no matter what charges you are facing.

    Aggressive Criminal Defense

    Attorney Oberhauser can make a winning difference if your personal life, job, or freedom is in jeopardy because of criminal charges like:

    • Felony OUI
    • Assault
    • Domestic Violence
    • Drugs

    We aggressively challenge the criminal case against you to eliminate the prosecution’s ability to use circumstantial evidence by using:

    • Expert testimony
    • Witness examination
    • Forensics and evidence collection

    Attorney Gregory Oberhauser, a leader in the Massachusetts law community, is a member of:

    • The National College for DUI Defense
    • The DUI Defense Lawyers Association
    • The Boston Bar Association
    • The Massachusetts Bar Association

    He is also a sustaining member of the American Chemical Society and a past president of the Greater Lowell Bar Association.

    Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory Oberhauser is the ONLY attorney in Massachusetts and 1 of only 24 defense attorneys in the nation to be distinguished as an ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist by the American Chemical Society!

    The ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist is considered a new type of attorney who studies valid science and applies it to defending cases in the courtroom.

    It’s your future and your life. Don’t let it be an open-and-shut case. We are a formidable legal team that challenges the prosecution’s case from EVERY angle. Call Oberhauser Law now at 978-452-1116.

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    Massachusetts Bankruptcy? Attorney Oberhauser is Here For You

    If you’re bills are mounting, creditors are calling and you feel overwhelmed with debt you need to consult with Attorney Gregory Oberhauser who is experienced with helping those seeking debt relief.

    Bankruptcy could help in many ways:

    • Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate unsecured debt such as credit cards and medical bills.
    • Chapter 13 bankruptcy can restructure your debts with an affordable repayment plan. This could allow you to keep your vehicle, your house and even allow you to stop foreclosure.
    • Subchapter V Small Business Reorganization could help a small business avoid a full Chapter 11 filing. The SBRA lets a small business recuperate and pay their creditors over 3 to 5 years with the expectation of future income.

    Whether you need to start fresh from mounting credit card debt, stop your home foreclosure or keep your small business afloat, Bankruptcy Attorney Gregory Oberhauser is here to help you.

    Give our office a call to set up a free consultation to review your options to become debt free. 978-452-1116