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At Oberhauser Law we go to great lengths to provide our clients with the best possible criminal defense. Whether you are charged with OUI /DUI or another crime we will fight aggressively to protect your rights.

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Greg Oberhauser understands the technology that police and prosecutors rely on to build a criminal conviction. His skill and knowledge offer you the best possible defense and the best possible chance at regaining your life.

Below are real results based on criminal defense cases we’ve handled in the Ayer District Court.

Charge: OUI

Our client was involved in a single car accident. Police then arrived at the hospital requesting the nurse to draw blood!!! That should not have happened but it did. You as a patient have rights to your blood and to your medical records. No one is allowed to see them without a search warrant or a court order. In this case we were able to get the blood test results excluded because the police were searching for blood without a warrant.

The police were able to get the preliminary results from the nurse and this was further suppressed. Again the Privacy Rights of your medical condition cannot be disseminated without your consent.

This is the reason if you or your loved one has been taken to the hospital you need to contact our office at 978-452-1116 so we can help in stopping the improper reporting of your medical condition and blood alcohol levels.

By doing a proper assessment of the client’s conduct and asking the correct questions we were able to keep bad evidence out from being used against the client at trial.

Charge: 3rd OUI – “Not Guilty” The Best Two Words To Criminal Defense Lawyer!!!!

Client was parked in a school parking lot at 7:30 at night. The school parking lot had “NO Trespassing” signs at the entrances. The police came up to the pickup truck and asked if there was anything wrong? They saw that my client’s eyes were red blood shot, glassy and a smell of alcohol coming from the compartment of the truck.

He was ordered out of the truck to perform field sobriety tests (FST’s). In the opinion of the officer he failed them and they arrested him. The police report made it seem that we could not win the case… if that is indeed what they observed!

We requested the booking video and the precinct resisted, but we finally obtained it telling the Judge that it may be exculpatory in nature…. boy was it! Our client walks into the station and looks as sober as a church mouse. Told the jury in opening that this is a case of “are you going to believe what you are being told or are you going to believe your eyes?”

The Commonwealth or Government would not allow a breakdown in this case as the prior OUI’s were over 20 years old! We had no choice but to try the case, but that is why the client came to Oberhauser Law for a firm that takes on tough cases and wins.
Yes the Verdict was a NOT GUILTY!!!! Best two words!!!.

Charge: Possession of Class E and Possession with Intent to Distribute

College bound Client pulled over because the Westford Police believed his license was suspended, it was! The police then took 45 minutes to search the vehicle, under the belief/ruse that it was an inventory search of the vehicle; they found Soboxone, Klonopin and Zanax all without a prescription. Charged with Possession of Class E and Possession with Intent to Distribute. Recent U.S Supreme Court case, suggests they could not continue to look for more evidence after the arrest. The Court agreed, suppressed the seized evidence, case was dismissed.

Charge: Trafficking and Weapons Possession

Our client was charged with trafficking (38 grams of cocaine) and possession of weapons. The motion to suppress was denied but the strength of the case warranted a substantial departure resulting in probation.

Charge: Arson

Our client was charged with arson. After a diligent investigation charges were reduced. Our client was not indicted.

If you’ve been arrested for OUI/DUI or any other criminal offense in Ayer or Middlesex County contact Ayer Criminal Defense Attorney Greg Oberhauser at 978-452-1116 to schedule a free review of your case and discuss your defense options.

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