Additional Documents Required For Your Bankruptcy Petition 

In order for you to receive a successful discharge of your bankruptcy the petition must be filed correctly. Not only will it be difficult to navigate through your case if you do not supply your attorney with the right information, you could also be charged with fraud. The bankruptcy court considers those who attempt to hide or withhold certain financial information, particularly assets, as an attempt to fraud or cheat the bankruptcy process. Therefore it is imperative you supply your bankruptcy lawyer with all the information he or she requests.

A basic list of needed documents is described in the information regarding the bankruptcy filing process. Due to specific financial circumstances the court may want to see more information about your debts and assets. By adding as much pertinent information as possible in your bankruptcy petition, you can shorten the time you are involved in the process and ensure that your case goes through the court without a problem. The following information may also be needed for Attorney Oberhauser to process your petition without questions:

  • Deed to your house – This may include your primary residence and other non-primary residences. Time shares, mobile homes, and condominiums deeds/contract may be needed.
  • Homestead exemption – If you have one it may be necessary to clarify the laws surrounding your exemption in conjunction with bankruptcy laws.
  • A complete list of creditors including:
    • List of all credit cards
    • List of all secured loans (home, vehicles, etc.)
    • Personal loans
    • Liens
    • Loans from family and friends
  • A list of all debts with current bills included
  • The most recent statements (including current address) from your:
    • Mortgage company
    • Home equity loans
    • Automobile loans
  • The last six months of bank statements including:
    • Savings accounts
    • Checking accounts
    • Safe deposit boxes
  • State, federal and property tax returns for the past three years.
  • All legal paperwork regarding lawsuits, judgments, or anyone threatening legal action against you.
  • All paperwork regarding any law suit issued by you for which you may collect money from in the last six year.
  • Your credit report (And your spouse’s credit report if filing jointly)
  • A debt education counseling certificate. (Please see Required Education for more information.)

More or less information may be needed depending your financial situation.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Massachusetts – Gregory Oberhauser

At Oberhauser Law we want to help you eliminate your debt. By filling out our questionnaire to the best of your ability and supplying the correct financial information, you will be able to make the process of filing bankruptcy easier. We understand you still may have questions.  As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Massachusetts, Gregory Oberhauser is standing by to answer your questions. Talk to him about your finances and paperwork, he can make the mountain of financial debt disappear.