License Suspended in Another State – Will Massachusetts Find Out?

If you suffer an out of state suspension or revocation, then the state where the incident occurred will notify the driver’s home state using the National Driver Register. Massachusetts will receive a notification that states your rights to operate a motor vehicle have been revoked or suspended in another state. At that time, the Register of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will automatically send you a notice stating that your Massachusetts license is suspended. How Long Does the Suspension in Another State … Continued

Bankruptcy Options During A Time Of Crisis – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

If you’re financial situation is growing increasingly worse during this time of crisis it may be a good idea for you to explore your bankruptcy options now. Don’t wait until it’s too late! On July 30, the Commerce Department reported that COVID-19 has triggered the worst economic crisis in modern American history. The gross domestic product (GDP) is used to measure economic activity. It was revealed that it shrank at a rate of 32.9 percent due to retailers, restaurants, bars, … Continued

Reckless Driving in Massachusetts

Reckless driving (often referred to as driving to endanger) occurs because of a variety of situations. Sometimes, the offense is charged alongside a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. However, reckless driving in Massachusetts can also be charged independently if a law enforcement officer observes you swerving between lanes, speeding, failing to stop at a designated stop sign, drag racing, or running a red light. Reckless Driving in Massachusetts Massachusetts General Law Section 24(2)(a) outlines the offense of reckless driving … Continued

Passing The Means Test For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In 2005, Congress amended the bankruptcy laws to require a “means test” before a person could file for liquidation under chapter 7. The means test measures a person’s “disposable income” that can be used to repay any debts. If a person’s disposable income is too high, then a “presumption of abuse” applies. This sounds worse that it is. Presumption of abuse simply means you cannot file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (debt liquidation) but you can still file for Chapter 13 … Continued

Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring

The Massachusetts Probation Service relies on remote alcohol equipment to monitor alcohol use by OUI probationers more effectively. The SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) remote breath device uses innovative facial recognition software to identify the probationers, so they always know exactly who uses the device. The facial recognition reduces the incidences of fraud substantially. How SCRAM Works SCRAM monitors individuals who have been court-ordered to stay away from alcohol and abstain from drinking. The wireless unit offers high accuracy … Continued

What Happens at Your First Appearance in Court

Preparing for your Initial Hearing in Massachusetts After an arrest or summons to appear, your first court appearance is officially referred to as an arraignment. This initial hearing is when the charges against you will be read by the Clerk of the Court, and when your plea or response to those charges will be entered. In Massachusetts district courts, a plea of not guilty will be entered for you. In a superior court, you will normally be asked to stand … Continued

Successful Defense For Avoiding A DUI Roadblock

With summer upon us the Massachusetts State Police will start to increase roadblocks a.k.a. sobriety checkpoints in random areas. You may have seen videos by various lawyers that advised to “Just put your license and registration in a baggie and hang it out the window for the screening officer to read and see”. This should work! However, you have to remember the officer wants to find signs of impairment. If he gets you to roll down your window and finds … Continued