The Impact On Doctors and Nurses After an OUI Arrest

Doctors and nurses practicing in Massachusetts have to operate with strict adherence to medical licensing requirements. these medical professionals face disciplinary committees from the state’s Board of Registration in Medicine and Board of Registration in Nursing if they violate any of the rules and regulations. Among these are moral character and conduct rules that make any operating while under the influence (OUI or DUI) conviction reportable, along with all other misdemeanor and felony convictions. For a doctor, Massachusetts laws mandate … Continued

OUI with Child Endangerment in MA

Driving while intoxicated laws are some of the strictest in the state with severe penalties if convicted for OUI / DUI. Lawmakers frequently examine the Massachusetts OUI laws to find ways of reinforcing them. One method enacted is child endangerment OUI. Driving under the influence with child endangerment means a driver has been charged with 2 distinct offenses: (1) an OUI / DUI offense (2) an OUI / DUI with Child Endangerment offense. OUI and Child Endangerment Law OUI and … Continued

Can Unpaid Property Taxes Be Discharged In Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy law does not allow for the relief of property taxes assessed and payable within one year of filing for bankruptcy. Your personal liability for older property bills may be relieved. However if there is a tax lien on the property because of the delinquency the property taxes will not be discharged in bankruptcy. The focus of this article is on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding because it is the direct path to eradicating debt. If you file for Chapter … Continued

OUI in Massachusetts With an Out of State License

Did you have an out of state license when you were pulled over and charged with an OUI in Massachusetts? There are many reasons why people have an out of state license such as recently moved to the area, passing through, or visiting. However, being charged with an OUI with an out of state license is serious and you will need an in-state, skilled Massachusetts attorney to represent you. National Driver’s License Registry and Massachusetts The National Driver’s License Registry … Continued

Distracted Driving Law in Massachusetts

On February 23, 2020, Massachusetts becomes the 21st state to ban distracted drivers who are holding their cellphones. The use of all electronic devices such as tablets or cellphones are ban for any operator of a motor vehicle or rider of a bicycle. The only exception is with hands-free devices. Under no circumstances should a driver be holding a cellphone or electronic device. Gov. Charlie Baker Signs Bill Against Distracted Driving  Gov, Charlie Baker, a Republican, once opposed the ban … Continued

What Happens to Your Vehicle When You File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Massachusetts

A common question for those who are considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is whether or not the court will use your car or truck to help pay off your creditors. To answer that question, we must look at several issues, including the equity (value) of your car or truck and the specific laws regarding bankruptcy exemptions. In Massachusetts, you may be able to keep your vehicle if you have already paid it off and its market value is less than … Continued

Can You Keep Your Tax Refund In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Depending upon when you file your Chapter 7 petition and how much, if any, exemption you have available, you may not be able to keep all of your tax refund for the current or prior year. When you file your petition after a tax year has closed, but before you receive your refund, you’ll be expected to forfeit that money to the trustee when it comes —unless there is an exemption available for it. Bankruptcy Attorney Gregory Oberhauser will be … Continued