Obtaining a Security Clearance

Have you recently scored your dream job but you’re afraid that you might not pass the background check to gain a security clearance? If you have a criminal past, then this could adversely affect your job outlook. Your background doesn’t even have to contain a felony but could be a misdemeanor that involves a domestic or assault. Even a history of DUI can put the brakes on your future career. Also, if you have filed bankruptcy then you might have … Continued

COVID-19 Closes Massachusetts Trial Courts

Massachusetts Trial Courts have been ordered closed until Wednesday March 18th.  This was taken under consideration after Governor Baker announced a ban on all public groups larger than 25 people for the near distant future. At Oberhauser Law, we are calling our clients with cases this week to let them know the status of their cases. The Trial Court uses a single, statewide, toll-free number, 1-855-MA COURT, (855-622-6878) for announcements on emergency closures.

3 Ways Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Save Your Home and Car

People filing personal bankruptcy have credit card, medical bills and other unsecured debt that has reached the breaking point in their financial lives. They can no longer keep up with payments and will likely never be able to pay off the debts entirely. They may be considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and wondering what is the best solution for getting their finances under control and their financial lives back in order. What many don’t know is that … Continued

The Impact On Doctors and Nurses After an OUI Arrest

Doctors and nurses practicing in Massachusetts have to operate with strict adherence to medical licensing requirements. these medical professionals face disciplinary committees from the state’s Board of Registration in Medicine and Board of Registration in Nursing if they violate any of the rules and regulations. Among these are moral character and conduct rules that make any operating while under the influence (OUI or DUI) conviction reportable, along with all other misdemeanor and felony convictions. For a doctor, Massachusetts laws mandate … Continued

OUI with Child Endangerment in MA

Driving while intoxicated laws are some of the strictest in the state with severe penalties if convicted for OUI / DUI. Lawmakers frequently examine the Massachusetts OUI laws to find ways of reinforcing them. One method enacted is child endangerment OUI. Driving under the influence with child endangerment means a driver has been charged with 2 distinct offenses: (1) an OUI / DUI offense (2) an OUI / DUI with Child Endangerment offense. OUI and Child Endangerment Law OUI and … Continued

Can Unpaid Property Taxes Be Discharged In Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy law does not allow for the relief of property taxes assessed and payable within one year of filing for bankruptcy. Your personal liability for older property bills may be relieved. However if there is a tax lien on the property because of the delinquency the property taxes will not be discharged in bankruptcy. The focus of this article is on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding because it is the direct path to eradicating debt. If you file for Chapter … Continued

OUI in Massachusetts With an Out of State License

Did you have an out of state license when you were pulled over and charged with an OUI in Massachusetts? There are many reasons why people have an out of state license such as recently moved to the area, passing through, or visiting. However, being charged with an OUI with an out of state license is serious and you will need an in-state, skilled Massachusetts attorney to represent you. National Driver’s License Registry and Massachusetts The National Driver’s License Registry … Continued