Understanding Search and Seizure Law

One of the great things about this country is the right to privacy. To help preserve this right, the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. The key word there is “unreasonable,” and legal disputes occur when law enforcement claims they had adequate reason to perform a search and the citizen claims otherwise. Understanding precedents where searches were deemed appropriate or not can help you in the event that you want to dispute a … Continued

5 Tips On What Not To Do At An OUI Checkpoint

Despite the obvious implications OUI checkpoints have in terms of a complete disregard for the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, they are, nonetheless allowed in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Until the Supreme Court re-evaluates its stand that checkpoints can be viewed as an undesirable but necessary public tool for combatting DUI incidents, they will remain in place. The smart thing to do is to understand what you should not do at an OUI checkpoint in Massachusetts. 1. Do not … Continued

What Constitutes a Violation of a MA 209A Restraining Order?

Updated: December 18, 2020 In Massachusetts, a 209A, also called a restraining order or an abuse protection order, is a civil action. If you have a 209A taken out against you, it will appear on your CORI or criminal record. A restraining order violation  is a crime, and you can be tried in court for a felony or misdemeanor offense and if found guilty, sentenced to jail and/or probation along with substantial fines. While it doesn’t take much to open … Continued

My Credit Card Company Sued Me, What Should I Do?

If you received a Summons and Complaint from a credit card company, you need to act fast to prevent a judgement. In Massachusetts, a lawsuit action begins with the summons and complaint. If a credit card company serves you with a summons and complaint, you are on notice they are suing you for money owed. The first step you need to take is to read the complaint to find the following information: The court where the complainant filed; The date … Continued

Traffic and Driving Violations in Massachusetts

Most people are familiar with the stiff penalties for driving while intoxicated but they might be unsure of the law surrounding other driving and traffic offenses. In this article, we will explore Massachusetts Laws and Penalties for: Driving without insurance Driving with an expired registration Driving an unregistered vehicle Each one has its own set of laws and penalties. If charged with one or more, you should ideally seek prompt legal representation from an experienced defense attorney. Penalties for Driving … Continued

Arrested for OUI – Lose Your Guns

  If you are arrested for OUI in Massachusetts, you will lose your right to possess any firearms. This is an untended consequence of drunk driving that you need to be aware of. After Your Arrest After being arrested you will receive a letter from your local Chief of Police telling you that the rights under your FID Firearms Identification Card have been suspended and you need to immediately surrender all of your firearms. This is REAL folks. A true … Continued

Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Medication

Driving under the influence is one of the most common forms of arrest that there is. Although many people assume that DUI / OUI charges stem only from alcohol use, it is increasingly common in Massachusetts for motorists to be arrested for DUI while under the influence of prescription medication. However, due to the nature of prescription drugs, this type of arrest has a level of legal murkiness that can be confusing for those facing these charges. If you have … Continued