Dangers and Risks of Taking Personal Online Loans

This article was written more than a year ago but it deserves the utmost attention by our readers at a time of great financial crisis in our nation. Therefore we have brought it front and center with updated content. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the unemployment rates to skyrocket leaving many to wonder how they will pay their bills. Families across the nation are turning to online personal loans or payday loans to help keep them afloat but you must … Continued

Should You File For Bankruptcy to Pay Off Holiday Debt?

The holiday season implies unlimited fun with friends and family. It means shopping, merry-making, cozy family dinners, vacations, lots of gifts, and loads of love. However, the cost of the holiday season’s entertainment binge can eat up your savings and put you into debt. The average holiday debt in 2019 was $1325. Consumers rack up a huge amount of debt every year during the holiday season and according to experts, it may take several years to pay it off. How … Continued

Tips to Avoid Holiday Debt

The holidays are right around the corner. Although it’s an exciting time that is usually spent with friends and family, it is also the time of year for gifts, food, and parties which all cost money. To please loved ones and celebrate the occasion, many people overextend themselves financially and end up heralding in the New Year with a mound of bills. In this article, we will explore how to avoid debt pitfalls during the holidays. There is no reason … Continued

6 Foreclosure Defenses for Homeowners in Massachusetts

Homeowners and foreclosure defense lawyers have been increasingly successful in stopping foreclosures and establishing equitable solutions for keeping people in their homes under reasonable terms. From Truth In Lending enforcements to mortgage transparency rulings, the trend is clear: homeowners who fight a wrongful foreclosure can win. We stay on top of all foreclosure defense strategies at our Massachusetts bankruptcy and foreclosure defense firm. We’re happy to provide the following information in hopes it may be useful to you. Just One … Continued

How a Reaffirmation Agreement Works in a Chapter 7

A reaffirmation agreement between the debtor and a creditor works by waiving the discharge of a particular debt that would otherwise be discharged in the pending Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This means the debtor will be contractually obligated to the creditor and personally liable for the debt even after the bankruptcy case is closed. Reaffirmation agreements can have serious drawbacks that a debtor should be made aware of. To that end, here are answers to common questions about how a reaffirmation … Continued

Bankruptcy Options During A Time Of Crisis – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

If you’re financial situation is growing increasingly worse during this time of crisis it may be a good idea for you to explore your bankruptcy options now. Don’t wait until it’s too late! On July 30, the Commerce Department reported that COVID-19 has triggered the worst economic crisis in modern American history. The gross domestic product (GDP) is used to measure economic activity. It was revealed that it shrank at a rate of 32.9 percent due to retailers, restaurants, bars, … Continued

Passing The Means Test For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In 2005, Congress amended the bankruptcy laws to require a “means test” before a person could file for liquidation under chapter 7. The means test measures a person’s “disposable income” that can be used to repay any debts. If a person’s disposable income is too high, then a “presumption of abuse” applies. This sounds worse that it is. Presumption of abuse simply means you cannot file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (debt liquidation) but you can still file for Chapter 13 … Continued