Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card and Purchasing a Gun

If I have a Massachusetts medical marijuana card, can I still purchase a gun? The clash between federal and state marijuana laws isn’t going away anytime soon. Massachusetts is the latest state to join several others in legalizing recreational use of cannabis, but our medical marijuana laws have been on the books since 2012. Even so, medical marijuana users will have to make a difficult choice: Maintain treatment or keep their Second Amendment rights. That’s because the federal government prohibits gun … Continued

What Does A Criminal Battery Charge Mean in MA?

If you or someone you know have recently been charged with assault and battery crimes in Massachusetts, you’ve likely heard allegations against you that don’t all make sense. The first step in fighting any criminal charge is to understand which offense or offenses you are being accused of, and what they actually mean. Legal Definition of Battery Battery is defined under common law as an intentional and unpermitted act that causes harmful or offensive contact with another person. It can … Continued

Dashcams and Massachusetts Law

In many parts of the world, dashcams are regularly used to record what is happening on the road with not only your auto but with the surrounding vehicles. If an accident does occur, the dashcam will record the incident so there is less of a chance of a ‘your word against mine’ scenario. If the accident was not your fault, then the dash camera recording can absolve you of any blame. However, dashcam related laws in Massachusetts are a bit … Continued

Domestic Violence: Arrests, Penalties and 58a Hearings in Massachusetts

In any contentious divorce case, toxic relationship, or heated discussion, there is the potential of a domestic violence charge. No matter the circumstances that led to the incident, facing a domestic assualt charge can be one of the most damaging legal situations a person can find themselves in, and with the creation in Massachusetts of 58a hearings, domestic violence cases are more legally complex than ever before. If you’re facing an unfair accusation of domestic violence, the key to winning … Continued

Obtaining a Security Clearance

Have you recently scored your dream job but you’re afraid that you might not pass the background check to gain a security clearance? If you have a criminal past, then this could adversely affect your job outlook. Your background doesn’t even have to contain a felony but could be a misdemeanor that involves a domestic or assault. Even a history of DUI can put the brakes on your future career. Also, if you have filed bankruptcy then you might have … Continued

Distracted Driving Law in Massachusetts

On February 23, 2020, Massachusetts becomes the 21st state to ban distracted drivers who are holding their cellphones. The use of all electronic devices such as tablets or cellphones are ban for any operator of a motor vehicle or rider of a bicycle. The only exception is with hands-free devices. Under no circumstances should a driver be holding a cellphone or electronic device. Gov. Charlie Baker Signs Bill Against Distracted Driving  Gov, Charlie Baker, a Republican, once opposed the ban … Continued

Massachusetts Strangulation or Suffocation Laws

In Massachusetts, the strangulation or suffocation laws fall under chapter 265, section 15D of the Massachusetts General Laws. It states the following: “Whoever strangles or suffocates another person shall be punished by imprisonment in state prison for not more than 5 years or in the house of correction for not more than 21/2 years, or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment.” Definition of Strangulation and Suffocation in Massachusetts Under the statute, … Continued