Tips to Prevent Legal Problems on Halloween

This year Halloween lands on a Saturday therefore a lot of adults will head out to the bar, enjoy a party or head to other celebrations. Putting on a costume and cutting loose might end up causing problems if you end up intoxicated and in trouble. The roadways are going to be packed with youngsters’ trick or treating so you will need your best judgement when you’re out to ensure everyone’s’ safety. In this article, we will explore tips to … Continued

If The Police Visit You, They Suspect You Committed A Crime

How many times a week do I have clients exclaim, “Why did I speak with the police?” When the police visit you, it is because they suspect you committed a crime.
Usually they do not have enough evidence at this time to arrest you; however, by your offering up evidence, they may gain all they need…

License Suspended in Another State – Will Massachusetts Find Out?

If you suffer an out of state suspension or revocation, then the state where the incident occurred will notify the driver’s home state using the National Driver Register. Massachusetts will receive a notification that states your rights to operate a motor vehicle have been revoked or suspended in another state. At that time, the Register of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will automatically send you a notice stating that your Massachusetts license is suspended. How Long Does the Suspension in Another State … Continued

Reckless Driving in Massachusetts

Reckless driving (often referred to as driving to endanger) occurs because of a variety of situations. Sometimes, the offense is charged alongside a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. However, reckless driving in Massachusetts can also be charged independently if a law enforcement officer observes you swerving between lanes, speeding, failing to stop at a designated stop sign, drag racing, or running a red light. Reckless Driving in Massachusetts Massachusetts General Law Section 24(2)(a) outlines the offense of reckless driving … Continued

What Happens at Your First Appearance in Court

Preparing for your Initial Hearing in Massachusetts After an arrest or summons to appear, your first court appearance is officially referred to as an arraignment. This initial hearing is when the charges against you will be read by the Clerk of the Court, and when your plea or response to those charges will be entered. In Massachusetts district courts, a plea of not guilty will be entered for you. In a superior court, you will normally be asked to stand … Continued

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card and Purchasing a Gun

If I have a Massachusetts medical marijuana card, can I still purchase a gun? The clash between federal and state marijuana laws isn’t going away anytime soon. Massachusetts is the latest state to join several others in legalizing recreational use of cannabis, but our medical marijuana laws have been on the books since 2012. Even so, medical marijuana users will have to make a difficult choice: Maintain treatment or keep their Second Amendment rights. That’s because the federal government prohibits gun … Continued

What Does A Criminal Battery Charge Mean in MA?

If you or someone you know have recently been charged with assault and battery crimes in Massachusetts, you’ve likely heard allegations against you that don’t all make sense. The first step in fighting any criminal charge is to understand which offense or offenses you are being accused of, and what they actually mean. Legal Definition of Battery Battery is defined under common law as an intentional and unpermitted act that causes harmful or offensive contact with another person. It can … Continued