Understanding Search and Seizure Law

One of the great things about this country is the right to privacy. To help preserve this right, the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. The key word there is “unreasonable,” and legal disputes occur when law enforcement claims they had adequate reason to perform a search and the citizen claims otherwise. Understanding precedents where searches were deemed appropriate or not can help you in the event that you want to dispute a … Continued

What Constitutes a Violation of a MA 209A Restraining Order?

Updated: December 18, 2020 In Massachusetts, a 209A, also called a restraining order or an abuse protection order, is a civil action. If you have a 209A taken out against you, it will appear on your CORI or criminal record. A restraining order violation  is a crime, and you can be tried in court for a felony or misdemeanor offense and if found guilty, sentenced to jail and/or probation along with substantial fines. While it doesn’t take much to open … Continued

Traffic and Driving Violations in Massachusetts

Most people are familiar with the stiff penalties for driving while intoxicated but they might be unsure of the law surrounding other driving and traffic offenses. In this article, we will explore Massachusetts Laws and Penalties for: Driving without insurance Driving with an expired registration Driving an unregistered vehicle Each one has its own set of laws and penalties. If charged with one or more, you should ideally seek prompt legal representation from an experienced defense attorney. Penalties for Driving … Continued

Buying or Receiving Stolen Property

It is a criminal offense to buy, receive or help conceal any embezzled or stolen property (if you know it is stolen or embezzled) according to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, section 60. However, maybe you did not know the property was stolen or embezzled in which case you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help defend you from the charges. In this article, we will explore laws about the possession of stolen goods and also receiving or … Continued

Tips to Prevent Legal Problems on Halloween

This year Halloween lands on a Saturday therefore a lot of adults will head out to the bar, enjoy a party or head to other celebrations. Putting on a costume and cutting loose might end up causing problems if you end up intoxicated and in trouble. The roadways are going to be packed with youngsters’ trick or treating so you will need your best judgement when you’re out to ensure everyone’s’ safety. In this article, we will explore tips to … Continued

If The Police Visit You, They Suspect You Committed A Crime

How many times a week do I have clients exclaim, “Why did I speak with the police?” When the police visit you, it is because they suspect you committed a crime.
Usually they do not have enough evidence at this time to arrest you; however, by your offering up evidence, they may gain all they need…

License Suspended in Another State – Will Massachusetts Find Out?

If you suffer an out of state suspension or revocation, then the state where the incident occurred will notify the driver’s home state using the National Driver Register. Massachusetts will receive a notification that states your rights to operate a motor vehicle have been revoked or suspended in another state. At that time, the Register of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will automatically send you a notice stating that your Massachusetts license is suspended. How Long Does the Suspension in Another State … Continued