Assault with Intent to Rob Laws & Penalties in Massachusetts

Assault to rob is a felony in Massachusetts. Robbery assault falls into a broader category of offenses wherein prosecutors typically ‘throw the book’ at you by tacking on numerous related charges. Defendants in assault to rob cases can also face conspiracy to commit a felony, destruction of property, assault with a dangerous weapon, and many other aggravating offenses. If you were charged with assault to rob, you need a highly experienced assault lawyer to help you fight the robbery assault … Continued

How a Criminal Conviction Could Affect Your College Career

Depending on the criminality of the underlying offense, a criminal conviction could have serious adverse effects upon your college career and aspirations for higher education. Convictions can adversely affect admission, financial aid and enrollment status. Do Colleges Do Background Checks On Students? Yes. Increasingly, colleges and universities are running background checks on college applicants. Depending upon the school’s policies, a conviction could result in a rejection letter. Furthermore, if you are in attendance and get into trouble, a criminal conviction … Continued

When Should You Take a Plea Bargain?

Knowing when or if you should take a plea bargain depends upon whether the proposed terms are actually a bargain for you when compared with all possible outcomes in the criminal case. To ensure the best terms are reached for your desired outcome, you should never accept a plea deal until an experienced defense attorney has been directly involved with the plea bargain process. Analysis Before Taking a Plea When deciding whether to take a plea bargain or go to … Continued

What is a Civil Conversion in MA Criminal Courts?

In Massachusetts, the civil conversion statute allows criminal courts to decriminalize certain minor offenses by converting them into civil violations.   What is a Civil Conversion? Under a little-known Massachusetts law, a lower level criminal offense can actually be handled as a civil infraction. The statute allows for a criminal court process whereby a misdemeanor offense is converted to a civil matter. Civil conversion is therefore the decriminalization of the complaint against you. It is often negotiated by plea agreement. Related … Continued

Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle in Massachusetts

Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle is also Driving to Endanger under M.G.L. c.90 § 24. If you are charged with negligent operation of a vehicle, you are facing a misdemeanor offense meaning the state is charging you with criminal negligence in Massachusetts. What is Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle? Massachusetts criminal law defines Negligent Operation as driving a motor vehicle such that the lives or safety of the public might be endangered. Some jurisdictions charge this as Driving … Continued

Could I Lose My College Financial Aid From a Drug Conviction?

The answer is Yes. A college student facing drug charges in Massachusetts or elsewhere risks losing their opportunity to receive federal financial aid if the outcome in the criminal case results in a conviction. FAFSA Drug Conviction Policy All student financial need is assessed through the federal Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). The Department of Education sanctions college students who have been convicted of a drug crime while receiving federal funds. (*Students may also lose state grants and scholarships … Continued

Should You Hire an Attorney for a Title IX Hearing?

A college student facing sexual assault, sexual misconduct, harassment or other serious allegations should strongly consider hiring an experienced defense attorney to help prevail in a Title IX hearing. Title IX hearings can quickly turn into disciplinary hearings that result in devastating consequences for the accused. What is Title IX? Title IX is a federal civil rights law prohibiting schools and colleges that receive federal funds from discriminating against individuals based on sex. The law requires schools to have anti-sex … Continued