Massachusetts Marijuana Laws: Up-to-date

Massachusetts marijuana laws have been finalized and implemented, for the most part, as of 2019. Recreational use in specified amounts is legal in the Commonwealth, with some important restrictions. However, it is never legal to drive while high or to consume or smoke marijuana in public. Here is what you need to know now when it comes to marijuana use in Massachusetts. MA Recreational Marijuana Law for Adult Marijuana Use Consumption of marijuana is limited to adults over 21 years … Continued

Massachusetts Penalties for Class A Drug Possession

To understand how the penalties for possession of a Class A drug are structured, it is first helpful to know what Class A drugs are. A Class A drug in Massachusetts is any drug or controlled substance listed under Mass. General Laws, Chap. 94C (Controlled Substances Act) Sec. 31. Some Class A drugs listed include heroin and morphine, and designer drugs like GHB and ketamine (“Special K”). However, the list of Class A drugs includes many more names that most … Continued

Marijuana and Driving in Massachusetts

Marijuana, Weed, Toking and Driving: the studies are beginning to come in on this topic. Click here to see the latest study by NHTS Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Driving. It says that in accidents that have been investigated, alcohol use has dropped, but the use of marijuana and other controlled drugs has increased. This means that the police are going to have to be better at detecting and determining the level of drugs in your system. In Massachusetts, … Continued

Was Annie Dookhan Involved In Your Conviction?

Do you have loved ones who are looking for new trials because their evidence was handled in one way or another by Annie Dookhan—you need to read this and then call Oberhauser Law Offices to see what can be done with this new exciting case for those charged and plead out on drug cases! Oh what a treat we have gotten from the Appeals Court this Halloween.  Most of us have had post Dookhan new trials denied because she was … Continued

Defending Intent to Distribute Marijuana in Massachusetts

We’ve written quite a bit about legalized marijuana in Massachusetts, but not what happens when you’re found with quite a bit and charged with intent to distribute. Where do you turn?
It starts with finding a good criminal lawyer to investigate every aspect of your case…

Massachusetts Marijuana Laws and Medical Marijuana Regulations

In Massachusetts, marijuana is categorized as a class “D” controlled substance, and it’s illegal to possess, distribute or traffic. However, medical marijuana laws have changed recently, and certain patients are now legally allowed to possess and use specific amount of marijuana. As much as this area of the law continues to change, selling, distributing, or manufacture remains illegal…

Drug Violation Near a School Zone

Do you have a charge pending that involves a Drug Violation Near School / Park Zone c94C Section 32J? I have good news to share with you. This section is retroactive as of November 21, 2013. This means that if you have a pending school zone case, and you were arrested before August 2, 2012, this new law applies to your case, and the school zone can be dismissed if the distance it is greater than 300 feet (i.e., one football field versus over three football fields). An additional consideration is the time of your arrest. This new school zone law is only effective between the hours of 5:00am and Midnight.