Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring

The Massachusetts Probation Service relies on remote alcohol equipment to monitor alcohol use by OUI probationers more effectively. The SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) remote breath device uses innovative facial recognition software to identify the probationers, so they always know exactly who uses the device. The facial recognition reduces the incidences of fraud substantially. How SCRAM Works SCRAM monitors individuals who have been court-ordered to stay away from alcohol and abstain from drinking. The wireless unit offers high accuracy … Continued

Successful Defense For Avoiding A DUI Roadblock

With summer upon us the Massachusetts State Police will start to increase roadblocks a.k.a. sobriety checkpoints in random areas. You may have seen videos by various lawyers that advised to “Just put your license and registration in a baggie and hang it out the window for the screening officer to read and see”. This should work! However, you have to remember the officer wants to find signs of impairment. If he gets you to roll down your window and finds … Continued

Boating Under the Influence Laws in Massachusetts

Can I drink alcohol on a boat in Massachusetts? The answer is yes, but only if you are not the operator. Recreational boat operators cannot be boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Specifically, the law states an operator will be considered intoxicated if found at or above the legal alcohol limit for vehicle operators, which is currently .08 blood-alcohol concentration. Further, it is illegal for the vessel owner or operator to allow anyone known to be intoxicated … Continued

The Impact On Doctors and Nurses After an OUI Arrest

Doctors and nurses practicing in Massachusetts have to operate with strict adherence to medical licensing requirements. these medical professionals face disciplinary committees from the state’s Board of Registration in Medicine and Board of Registration in Nursing if they violate any of the rules and regulations. Among these are moral character and conduct rules that make any operating while under the influence (OUI or DUI) conviction reportable, along with all other misdemeanor and felony convictions. For a doctor, Massachusetts laws mandate … Continued

OUI with Child Endangerment in MA

Driving while intoxicated laws are some of the strictest in the state with severe penalties if convicted for OUI / DUI. Lawmakers frequently examine the Massachusetts OUI laws to find ways of reinforcing them. One method enacted is child endangerment OUI. Driving under the influence with child endangerment means a driver has been charged with 2 distinct offenses: (1) an OUI / DUI offense (2) an OUI / DUI with Child Endangerment offense. OUI and Child Endangerment Law OUI and … Continued

OUI in Massachusetts With an Out of State License

Did you have an out of state license when you were pulled over and charged with an OUI in Massachusetts? There are many reasons why people have an out of state license such as recently moved to the area, passing through, or visiting. However, being charged with an OUI with an out of state license is serious and you will need an in-state, skilled Massachusetts attorney to represent you. National Driver’s License Registry and Massachusetts The National Driver’s License Registry … Continued

Can You Be Charged With A DUI If You Were Not Driving?

Many people are shocked to learn that in the state of Massachusetts they can be charged with an OUI (Operating Under the Influence) without ever driving the vehicle. If an inebriated individual is sitting in a car that is stopped, parked, or idling on any public street or in public location (termed a ‘pubic way’)  or if the area of the auto is located in what is known as a ‘right of access as invitees or licensees’ then the person … Continued