Over 20,000 Drug Cases Recommended for Dismissal

If you were convicted on drug charges and Annie Dookhan was involved in your case you could be one of the 21,000 cases recommended for dismissal.

Earlier this week Massachusetts’s highest court ordered District attorney in 7 counties to submit the number of cases that they would be unable or unwilling to prosecute in a new trail that originally involved Annie Dookhan.

In 2013 Annie Dookhan pled guilty to a number of charges including tampering with evidence after being accused of falsifying her work in the lab.

“Today is a major victory for justice and fairness, and for thousands of people in the commonwealth who were unfairly convicted of drug offenses,” – Matthew Segal, legal director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, said Tuesday in a statement.

Read the full article: Prosecutors Move To Toss More Than 21,000 Tainted Drug Cases

Was Annie Dookhan Involved In Your Conviction? If so you need to read this.

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