Fake Robbery in Lowell – with Real Consequences

Kids will be kids right? Well, your kids will be adults someday soon and anything they did while they were just “kids” can follow them for the rest of their lives.

Recently in Lowell, two college students were attempting to film a seemingly harmless YouTube video involving a fake convenience store robbing. Before they could put up what they thought would be the next viral video sensation, cops arrived on scene, guns drawn, demanding that the students put their hands up instead.

Many adolescents possess a happy go-lucky spirit and a misplaced sense of invincibility. This type of attitude often leads to trouble — sometimes even an overnight stay at the police department. The thing is, these small pranks and offenses might not mean that much today, but can lead to serious drawbacks during adulthood, such as lost job opportunities, denial of university admission, loss or denial of certain licenses, and much more! Anything on your record when you are a minor or new adult can follow you for life!

The good news is that Attorney Greg Oberhauser is here to help your child’s record stay clean. Whether it is a DUI/OUI, alcohol or drug offense, assault and battery, or even a speeding ticket. Don’t let a simple prank or dumb stunt go forgotten when it has the potential to have a serious chokehold on your future.

If you have been or know anyone who has had any of the above issues or is worried something little could lead to so much more, call Attorney Oberhauser today to schedule a free consultation.

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