Commonwealth vs. A. C.

November 1, 2016

Cambridge District Court

OUI 2nd Drugs, Negligent Operation and Leaving the Scene after causing property damage.

Our client was found slumped over in his vehicle on Fellsway Parkway in Medford, MA unresponsive after being in an accident. He was taken to the hospital and revived. He had hired a different lawyer who did not object to the hospital records coming in as evidence. The client did not feel his lawyer was fighting for him so he came to see us for the free consultation. He then hired us to defend his rights.

After researching the hospital records we were not sure of what drug they were alleging he was under the influence of because the lab did not do any confirmatory testing on the detected drugs. It helps that I have taken the 144 hours of hands on testing of drugs and alcohol on Gas Chromatograph and achieved the distinction of Lawyer -Scientist to not only help to spot issues but to know how to fight them.

We filed a Bill of particulars as to what drug the Commonwealth was going to asserting was causing the impairment? They came back with dismissing the Charge of OUI 2nd as the drug they were alleging was not a controlled substance.

Doing our homework and filing surgically appropriate motions saved the day. We went to trial on the other two charges and the client was found Not Guilty of the other two charges. We had a very happy client.