I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for a very nice lady, age 63. Two and a half years later, finally the Trustee has agreed on the status of her 401K, that it indeed was what was claimed it to be.

We had to request many records, as her IRA was rolled over multiple times. This was unnecessary, but we had no choice as we needed to show the funding of the Roll-over IRA and other investments back seven years.

It was done to save what was left of our client’s legitimate retirement funds. Yes, she had to use some of the funds to live on and did—nothing wrong with this because this is why someone saves for later use!

We fought hard and long for this client because the Trustee would not give up. Persistence and good note taking helped save the remaining $33,000.00. Can’t wait to share this information with the client, she has been patient yet overly concerned about her future. She can finally breathe a big sigh of relief that this matter is over.

When getting good news is too good not to share!!!