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Definitely 10 across the board. I’m happy I had Gregory representing me. You WILL NOT be disappointed with this firm.

Mikell Millions

The fact that I am writing this on my laptop at home and not sitting in prison says it all. I have every reason to believe that had Greg Oberhauser not been my attorney, I would have a felony conviction and a mandatory sentence of at least five months. (Indeed, the prosecutor wanted me to serve much more than that, with house arrest to follow.) I was arrested for a third DUI after a serious car accident. This is a very serious offense that would have had implications for my ability to work, and would have, if I had been convicted of a felony, endangered my pension.

My previous attorney (who is a very good lawyer) came to the conclusion that he was out of options for me, and he suggested that Mr. Oberhauser might be able to help. Attorney Oberhauser was able to be aggressive while being professional and congenial, and he filed a number of motions on my behalf that became the sole reason the prosecutor was willing to negotiate a plea-literally at the courthouse, as the trial was about to begin. Mr. Oberhauser understood the huge consequences for me, and he was willing to go all out to help me. On a personal note, he encouraged me to get help and to be diligent in treating my drinking problem, and not only am I now firmly in recovery, that work I did in getting treatment and being a part of a community ended up being one of the reasons the judge cited for a suspended sentence.

Attorney Oberhauser has a steady, understanding, calming presence, and he is unflappable and courteous in court, even as he is zealously defending his client, and he knows the court system, most of the lawyers on the criminal bench, and maybe more importantly, is familiar with the judges and their clerks. He is willing to try creative legal arguments, and has had a lot of success in using science and technology on behalf of his clients. I am beyond grateful to Mr. Oberhauser, and highly recommend him as a skilled, ethical, zealous attorney.

MaryM, Boston, MA, March 16, 2021

My wife and I were very much impressed with the services provided by Attorney Gregory D. Oberhauser, and his helpful assistant Cheryl, in relation to my DUI case. His knowledge, expertise and professionalism guided me during a very difficult time in our lives, and his compassion throughout the process was very much appreciated me and my wife.

Anyone in need of an excellent DUI Attorney should feel secure in seeking Attorney Oberhauser as their counsel.

Michael H.

Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent representation. I appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf.


Excellent job in and out with the results I wanted thank you very much. Definitely recommend.

JR Delacruz

I recommend Greg to anybody and everybody. Long story short he fought for me over a 2 year period in my OUI case. They surely wanted to lock me up but Greg kept me out of jail and got my case broken down to an acceptable agreement. Greg is a man of few words, but his experience and expertise is unmatched.

Joseph Ahern

My name is Ronald Bedard. I want to recommend Greg Oberhauser Law to anyone out there who is struggling to get their driver’s license back. I had an an extremely difficult, complicated case and I reached out to Gregg, he met with me and developed a plan to appeal the RMV’s decision to suspend and revoke my license for many years,,, we met with the board of appeals in Marlborough and Greg presented a very solid case as to why I needed and deserved to be able to drive again. The board continued the hearing as they requested more information. Greg worked with me and got me in front off the board again a couple months later and the board agreed to reinstate my driver’s license!!! This was not an easy project but Greg’s knowledge in this area was key into me getting my life back!!! He was very professional and responsive throughout this difficult process. He also has a great assistant, Cheryl,, she kept me informed as well during the entire process, Give Greg and Cheryl a call if you have any issues with your license being held hostage by the RMV , if there’s anyone who can help it’s Oberhauser Law!!!! Thank you Greg and Cheryl!!!!

Ronald Bedard


Words cannot express our relief. This has been awful. Jeff expressed that he now feels that he has a future. I pray he continues that feeling and continues to move forward…and upward.

We are grateful and thank you again.


I just wanted to follow up that a hardship license was granted this morning at Lawrence RMV. I want to thank you both for all your help and service through this difficult time and getting me the best outcome possible. I Will be sure to leave you some positive review and recommend you in the future.

Hopefully (and I mean this is in the best way) you will not be seeing me again!

-Dan Agahigian

I know this case is far from over, but I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much I appreciate your work for me . It’s really nice to have a lawyer that has made me feel at ease about everything I have been through . I am a true believer in god and choosing you as my lawyer has been a prayer answered . Thank you so much for everything so far . I will talk to you when I return from my trip . – An existing client

Attorney Oberhauser was able to provide excellent representation on short notice. My traffic violation was dismissed. Greg was friendly and provided me with useful information. He is a true professional. – Abdu

I had a very difficult case, I chose Greg because he was an expert in the margin of error with breathalyzer machines and their inconsistencies. Not only did he have my test thrown out of the case, when we went to trial, he thoroughly cross examined an 11 yr veteran police officer. And he had ensured that beyond a reasonable doubt there was not the evidence to convict me. When the judge said “Not Guilty” I was over filled with emotion, and ever so grateful I selected Attorney Oberhauser to be my council. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who may face difficult charges. A+++++++
– Lori

I’m incredibly impressed and satisfied with my experience with Greg Oberhauser. Over a long and arduous 15 month legal ordeal, his expertise in the field of my case gave us an enormous advantage that directly led to our success.

Greg is knowledgeable and patient. I never imagined how drawn-out and complicated the various stages of a trial could be. Greg was willing to explain, in as much detail as I needed, all the legal ins and outs. He took the time to help me understand the details, know what to expect, and make informed decisions. That said, when I felt unsure about how to proceed, Greg advised me flawlessly.

I feel very fortunate to have found Greg for my case, and would recommend his tireless expertise to anyone in need of superlative legal counsel. – Diane Libby

Pleasant, knowledgeable, and effective. Helped me out tremendously. I highly recommend him if you are facing criminal charges. He’s worth every penny. – Bobbie Lee Hubbard

I have to say from a personal experience with Greg Oberhauser,it was Excellent. Greg went over and beyond for my family. I highly recommend Greg Oberhauser. Thank you Again Greg – Dawn

Great session and results. Got my trumped up R/O that my Ex girlfriend tried to put on me and had it dropped. – Stephen Aronson

Greg is not only a great lawyer he is one of the few with stellar integrity! Legal matters are often time sensitive and Greg is one of the few that accommodates his clients and potential clients regardless of the hour or even holiday! When you need something done and done right, Greg is the the one to do it first rate all the way! – ZaZa Bing

He was both professional and pleasant to speak and work with. He was always available to answer my questions and concerns during the fifteen months it took before my case was heard and his small retainer was well worth the ultimately most importantly successful result that was achieved, i.e., all charges against me were dismissed, Needless to say I could not have been more pleased. – Client

After interviewing many attorneys while working with a budget I found Greg who was willing to work with me. In addition to his fair payment plan he offered a wealth of knowledge in the area of OUI. My case dragged on for over two years and Greg fought tirelessly to file motions to work in my favor. Regardless of what was agreed upon initially he put every effort forth to find a judgement in my favor even though the case dragged on longer than could have been anticipated. My case ended up in front of a jury for trial and it was quite clear from opening statement how the jury would find. I was found not guilty of OUI after the lengthy process.

If you are looking for an attorney who truly wants to work for you then Greg is the defense attorney for you. – Client

Mr. Oberhauser and his secretary Cheryl were fantastic in straightening out the financial mess I was in. Got the mortgage modified, stopped a foreclosure and just had a great meeting with the trustee. Thank you both for a great job. – Enid

Greg was excellent on court day. He answered all my questions calmly and stayed with me throughout the entire process. He told me the plan of action so that we were ready to face the clerk-magistrate. However, Greg was not that responsive on the emails but he was there when I needed him the most: court day. – Client

My experience with this legal practice, is that; it is a well dignified legal counsel outfit that prides itself in making sure that that money is never a priority but your wholesome confidentiality and rights as human being matter most and that is what Greg. Fought for me day-in-day out. If you are a Lawyer-Phobic person like many citizens, it will be worth-while effort to contact Gregory O. practice, you will be honestly-fairly treated with the utmost care that you deserve. – Client

Greg helped me through a tough period in my life. I was charged with DUI and he prepared a defense that had the best possible outcome. Greg was detailed and thorough. He explained all options. His professionalism in court made him stand out. He was respected by prosecutors and judges. I would highly recommend Gregory Oberhauser as an attorney.- Bill

It was my first lawsuit in my life, the unjust lawsuit. Attorney Oberhauser had helped me to the end. He has amazing, excellent experience to resolve the legal issues throughout the case. It was the first time in my life that I ever stepped foot in court. Mr. Oberhauser went through great details explaining the court process. I highly recommend in terms his high level of expertise in legal services. I can’t be more happy than the case that ended with satisfaction. – Denys

I met Greg through national DUI organizations that we are both members of. Throughout the years, I have repeatedly seen Greg all over the country at seminars and elite training classes that most DUI lawyers never take. He is the best of the best, and incredibly well trained, intelligent and hard working. I know he fights hard for his clients, and I tell everyone in MA he is the lawyer to call! – Sarah

Greg is such a great lawyer. Very professional and has immeasurable integrity which is priceless.

In difficult legal matters when you have to place your livelihood in someone’s hands, Greg is the one I would trust without hesitation. He gets the best results possible in his cases and he treats his cases individually rather than as a docket number! – Bree

Greg is a great lawyer. He worked 2 cases 4 me , both of which were dismissed. Just wanted to thank him for everything. – Paul

Greg is the type of lawyer that is always striving to enhance his craft. I have attended several high octane science seminars with Greg and I can vouch that he knows his science as it relates to DWI defense. You would be fortunate to have him as your lawyer, as I am fortunate to call him my friend. – Tad

Greg took the time to listen to me and worked hard to make my case a winning case. – Connie

I have know Greg for 20 years and used him in both personal and business law. he has always been fast and fair.. I highly recommend him – Mark

Greg is not only a great lawyer he is one of the few with stellar integrity! Legal matters are often time sensitive and Greg is one of the few that accommodates his clients and potential clients regardless of the hour or even holiday! When you need something done and done right, Greg is the the one to do it first rate all the way!

Attorney Oberhauser stood by me, and up for me in a difficult situation. He kept me informed personally about the pending case and gave support from day one until he helped bring the case to a close with undeniable results. Hopefully there will never be a need, but would use his services again and recommend him to others. Thank you!!! – Jill

Greg is a very busy lawyer, and I can see why. His results speak for themselves. It took a couple of appearances in court (I was being charged with fleeing the scene of an accident. I hit a police cruiser). In the end, the case was dismissed seeing that the damages were paid for by my insurance. I am so happy with the results! I am a college student and teacher and this charge would have negatively impacted my future, but thanks to Greg and all of his hard work, I don’t have to worry! – Lizzette

Greg, I want to thank you again for all the work and help you gave me for my case. Officer G___ said the case will be dismissed at the end of April. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome. When I was at Lowell House last summer I heard people talk about their cases and many ended with guilty verdicts and additional fines and classes. I was fortunate to have you as my lawyer. Friends, family and acquaintances agree. Thank you. – All the Best, B

Greg presented my case skillfully before the clerk and and I was found not responsible. This means no fine was due and no further action required. Greg and I had the opportunity to chat for over an hour while waiting our turn to see the clerk during which I found him to be thoroughly knowledgeable and very likable. He outline all the possible outcomes of the case, and in the end he achieved the best one. I don’t think I could have achieved the same on my own and so his fee was worth every penny. – Lloyd

I was in Andover visiting family–attempted to drive to the hotel and was arrested for DUI. Called a number of lawyers all told me what they could do, without even reading a police report. I called Greg on the weekend and he actually answered and chatted with me. Made an appointment and was impressed with his training and his manner. He said this is where the officer made some mistakes and that it needed to be litigated. I flew back in from MI for the motion to suppress it was allowed after the judge took the matter under advisement.

Greg called two weeks later to say that the motion was allowed! Could not believe it! Greg and his staff are first class, but he was professional and personable throughout this process it was stressful and I was anxious but he calmed my fears and said time is always on your side. My advise, sit down with Greg and see what he can do with your case before talking and hiring some know it all! – Allen

Dear Mr. Oberhauser, I would like to thank you for your outstanding legal representation regarding my speeding citation in Somerville District Court. By helping me to maintain a clean driving record you have made it possible for me to save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums over the next few years.

You were a professional from beginning to end. Rest assured that if a friend or family member is ever in a similar situation I will refer them to you with no hesitation. – Antonio

I would like  to thank Mr. Oberhauser for getting my ticket dismissed and am sorry for notifying about my court date just a day before. He sure had to hurry around for me and I am truly thankful for that. Thanks again for your help and will surely recommend him should anything come to my notice. – Sachin

Thank you very much. My appreciation and respect for what you did for me has grown over the past year….You were a solid refuge in the storm…very competent and full of care. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you, belatedly – Karen, Ayer, Massachusetts

Thank you for standing by me today. I would have (well I kinda did) fallen apart without you. I appreciate your support.  – Laura

Thank you for representing me and for your amazing results. It was an embarrassing, difficult time and you did more for me than you will ever know.  – Allison

It is a relief to have an Attorney who will work for what’s right and fight for you. You are a true professional and you represented that in every fashion today. – Brian Todd

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