Criminal Defense for Violent Crimes
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Criminal Defense for Violent Crimes

  • Have you been charged with rape, murder or other violent crime?
  • Have your friends and family alienated you?
  • Is no one listening to YOUR side of the story?

Violent crimes are some of the most gruesome and heinous accusations you could ever face. Even a mere accusation of a violent crime is enough to destroy relationships, your reputation, and your career.

Unfortunately, police officials often arrest the first suspect they encounter—and budget restrictions often lead them to attempt a conviction instead of pursuing a further investigation.

When this occurs, it is crucial that you immediately contact criminal defense attorney Gregory Oberhauser. Your entire future hangs in the balance. Attorney Oberhauser may be able to track down alternative suspects, pursue leads that the police have abandoned, and verify your alibi with witnesses and expert testimony.

One false step could make a difference between a NOT GUILTY verdict and spending the rest of your life in prison.

What is a Violent Crime?

By definition, a violent crime is any criminal offense in which violence has been used. Violence could mean physical injury, verbal threats, or using a weapon to intimidate, and include:

Prosecutors and police officials have zero tolerance for violent criminals and attack offenders aggressively in order to obtain justice for the victim and their family. Yet this aggression often leads to police errors and improper handling of evidence. When evidence is mishandled or a conviction is rushed due to an over-zealous prosecutor or media frenzy, innocent men and women can be convicted of violent crimes they did not commit.

We are an Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm

Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Gregory Oberhauser knows that police officials and prosecutors have zero tolerance for individuals who have been arrested and charged with a violent crime. They often seek the maximum penalties for these crimes—even when the evidence doesn’t support their case.

Judges too will try to make an example out of these cases by imposing harsh penalties that include maximum prison time. When this occurs, you need Attorney Greg Oberhauser, who believes that you are innocent until proven guilty; a lawyer who isn’t afraid to take on high profile cases against persistent prosecutors.

Oberhauser Law has the resources needed to investigate all angles of violent crime cases. Forensic experts, ballistics specialists, and blood-splatter analysis are just a few keys to building a solid and aggressive defense against these heinous accusations.

Don’t trust your future to just any criminal defense attorney—you need Oberhauser Law.

If you have been arrested and charged with a violent crime in Chelmsford, Lowell, Lawrence, Woburn, Boston, or anywhere in the State of Massachusetts, you need an attorney on your side to fight these serious allegations. Criminal defense attorney Gregory Oberhauser has over 12 years of experience defending individuals who have been accused of numerous violent crimes. Call us today for a FREE initial consultation at 978-452-1116.