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This is how we get positive results for our clients charged with operating under the influence (OUI) in Newbury, MA.

My client was pulled over just after he started his car, put it into gear and backed out of his parking spot.

—his crime was walking out of a bar that was under surveillance by the local police.

The police officer asked for his license and registration.  My client was then offered the chance to perform field sobriety tests on the road which he refused!

The officer called for back-up and once they arrived they discussed what to do. You see the police did not have any evidence to support an arrest—but they arrested him anyway. At the station my client refused the breath test and was told he would lose his license for 180 days. He shrugged, waited until morning to post his $40 bail and called for a ride as it was Saturday morning.

This was a father of a past client who had listened to the advice I had given his daughter two years earlier. Do not give any evidence to the police. He followed that advice and his case took another good turn.

As his defense attorney I was able to find a security camera that showed the stop was pre-textual. At the motion to suppress even the judge could not support the stop. The judge was forced to ALLOW the motion to suppress and he returned my client’s driver’s license.

You have to remember that the field sobriety tests are not mandatory  and that you have to consent to taking the tests. When approached by a police officer you do not even have to talk to the officer, (this will stop them from saying you had slurred speech) all you have to do is provide them your license and registration! Also remember that the state must prove the case against you in order to receive a conviction. For more helpful tips read Know Your Rights During a DUI Stop

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