Fight Your Speeding Ticket: Lowell Traffic Attorney

  • Did you get caught speeding?
  • Are you worried about paying more for your insurance?
  • Are you at risk for having your license suspended?

Getting pulled over for speeding is a hassle. Yet it doesn’t just end there. Receiving a speeding ticket can have long-lasting consequences.

Your insurance rates could suddenly skyrocket. You could receive points on your driving record. And your driving privileges could even be revoked.

Unfortunately, most motorists think that there is nothing they can do to defend themselves against a speeding ticket. They often pay the fine and watch as their insurance rates spike and their driving record is tarnished.

Lowell traffic violation attorney, Gregory Oberhauser will FIGHT your speeding ticket.

Attorney Oberhauser understands the problems that a speeding conviction can cause a motorist. He also knows that Massachusetts has some of the strictest laws in the country. Citizens need an attorney on their side if they have any hope of fighting—and beating—speeding ticket violations.

Stiff Penalties for Speeding

If this is your first speeding ticket in Massachusetts, you will likely see your automobile insurance premiums spike. Remember, it can take 3 years for this ticket to be removed from your record, and you could pay increased premiums the entire time. Even one speeding ticket can boost auto insurance premiums by up to 22%!

If you have received 3 speeding tickets in one year, your license will be automatically suspended for 30 days.

If you are labeled an habitual traffic offender (12 moving violations in 5 years) you will lose your license for 4 years.

Don’t Pay It—FIGHT It!

You do not have to accept a speeding ticket; there are ways to fight it and preserve your driving record. Immediately after contacting Gregory Oberhauser, he will begin preparing your defense.

He will start by questioning the accuracy of the police officer’s visual estimation and the radar reading.

  • Was the radar calibrated properly?
  • Was the officer’s view obstructed by shrubbery or other vehicles?
  • Could another car have been the speeder?

We Have The Experience to Defend Against Traffic Violations

If you received a speeding ticket, it’s very possible that you’ll walk out of court with a smile on your face. Attorney Oberhauser has over 12 years of experience defending motorists in Massachusetts who have been ticketed for speeding.

Remember: The burden of proof rests with the prosecution and the police officer who issued the ticket. And we will do our utmost to remove that burden from your shoulders.

Attorney Oberhauser will fight your speeding ticket to eliminate the traffic violation

He has had any number of cases dismissed by challenging seemingly solid evidence against you, so it doesn’t hold up in court. Or may move the court to plea bargain the charge down to a lesser offense.

Bottom line: he will fight to prevent your driver’s license from being suspended, get your fines lowered, and keep your insurance rates from escalating.

STOP! — Never pay your speeding ticket without first speaking to Gregory Oberhauser.

If you received a speeding ticket in Lowell, Lawrence, Woburn, Boston, or anywhere in the State of Massachusetts, call us today for a FREE initial consultation at 978-452-1116.

Client Testimonial

Dear Mr. Oberhauser, I would like to thank you for your outstanding legal representation regarding my speeding citation in Somerville District Court. By helping me to maintain a clean driving record you have made it possible for me to save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums over the next few years.

You were a professional from beginning to end. Rest assured that if a friend or family member is ever in a similar situation I will refer them to you with no hesitation. – Antonio

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